Increasingly uncertain and chaotic economic situation make enterprises face more complicated and supplicated problems than ever.
As a consulting partner specialized in taxation and accounting, we suggest the best solution to help our clients solve the problems.


Asahi- Nagano Tax Corporation
Home office
Meiji Yasuda Life Insurance Co. Nagano Build.
1508-2 Shinden-Cho, Nagano-City, Nagano-Pref.
Nagano 026-252-7000
Nagano 026-252-7002


□ Preparation of Financial Statements and Tax Returns
□ Consulting tax issues
□ Tax Compliance services
□ Reviewing Monthly Trial Balance
□ Bookkeeping outsourcing
□ Bookkeeping system support
□ Corporate Re-Structuring advice
□ Other tax services

History summary

January 6, 2003
Established Asahi Tax Corporation by the merger among Takano licensed tax accountant office, Toubou/Hatta licensed tax accountant office, Nishiyama licensed tax accountant office and Kobayashi licensed tax accountant office.
September 1, 2004
Iwasaki licensed tax accountant office joined
December 20, 2006
Changed business name to Asahi- Nagano Tax Corporation

Our mission

Based on our knowledge and experiences accumulated among our professionals of tax and accounting, we help our clients to grow and to develop their business, activating local economy and society.

Our visions

(1) Client First
We treat client matters as our first priority, pursuing highest satisfaction from client in Japan. We always search for what clients need and expect, exceeding client expectations

(2)Based in local society
We love this attractive local society and, as professionals in various fields, are pleased and proud to help clients’ growth and development, activating local society.

(3) Collective strength of networking
As a member of Asahi-Tax Corporation Group, we show collective strength of networking and offer high quality services to the specialized services such as corporate reorganization, international taxation and tax dispute resolution.

(4) Right accounting derives right management
Based in the faith “Right accounting drives right management", we help our clients grow and develop their business as their corporate planning department.

(5) Satisfaction of associates
We seek to achieve and maintain leadership in service quality in this industry, sharing competitive compensation and benefits with client.

Our values

(1) Fair work, right reward, pride in work
We believe that pride in our life comes from pride in our work. Compromised reward often leads to hotbeds of the compromised work. Right work accompanying right reward leads to pride in work.

(2) Supporting self-realization of associates
We provide our associates with a supportive environment in order to develop their professionals of the highest quality and personality.

(3) Quick Response
We believe that speedy, timely and appropriate communication and report are keys to our success

(4) Frontier spirit
We dare to challenge to enter new markets with the work and never avoid the difficulties although it accompanies difficulties.

(5)Daily steady effort
We seek to nurture enriched humanity and continual professional development and will pile up a steady effort.

- Action standard -

To realize our missions, we work and live based in the following six action standards.

health (physical and mental well-being)
greetings (recognizing partners)
promise (discreet decision, strict execution)
speedy implementation (immediate reaction )
planning (making a discernible positive contribution)
communication and reporting (timely and appropriate information)